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Sport Psychiatry is one of the newest areas of 

psychiatric practice to evolve over the past several years.

It is promising to be one of the most exciting, too!

At the current time, I am developing and testing a series of 

hi-tech, state-of-the-art, audiovisual and computer-assisted

"performance-enhancement" programs for college and 

professional athletes.  


Approximately 10 years ago, I founded what is known as today 

The International Center For Sport Psychiatry (official web page)

The International Center For Sport Psychiatry (official logo).  


Additionally, I've completed development of a state-of-the-art 

environmental module, the Omega Chamber System (pics),

to train college and professional athletes to consistently perform 

at their highest level of potential. 


If you have an interest in Sport Psychiatry, I suggest you contact

the following organization for more information about this exciting 

new field:   International Society for Sport Psychiatry.

Thank you for your interest!